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You Will Never Guess Wich One Of These 8 Adorable Service Puppies Will Save Your Live One Day... Come On Guess!!

Service dogs that help the blind, disabled, and police have a special place in my heart. They dedicate their entire lives to helping people in need, something we as humans should always strive to do as well. So how can I take the respect I have for these dogs and combine it with an extreme case of Awwwwww? Like this:

1. Hmmm…Mail Carrier Puppy?

2. Don’t Mess With this Police Puppy in Training.

 3. Seeing Eye Puppy.

4. Future Service Dog.

5. Another Service Puppy in Training.

6. Guide Puppy!

7. You Have the Right to Remain Ridiculously Adorable.

8. Cuteness in Training.

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This Dog Loses his Eye, But Still Wins Everyone's Heart.

A user on Reddit named LockNLoll posted about his dog, Vader, a Husky that lost an eye. Despite this, he is still extremely handsome. Love him. :)

Eye patches don’t work well on dogs.

Meet Vader, a beautiful Siberian husky.

Around 5 years old, his left eye started to look different.

Around 5 years old, his left eye started to look different.

It turned out to be glaucoma, and they had to remove the eye. He looked bad for a couple of weeks…

…but then it started healing and the fur started growing.

Now he’s winking at the world all the time ;)

Vader is the same awesome dog as he was before, just with one less eye.

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This Looks Like A Regular Dog. And It Is... But It’s So Much More Than That. Trust Me.

The stray dogs of Sochi, easily one of the biggest stories to come out of the 2014 Winter Games, have won the hearts of Olympians and fans alike. 

A worker leads a dog off a jump after it had wandered on the course during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor

Top 10 Hybrid Dogs

The classic Scottish Terrier dog has been replaced by a Labradoodle.

Yep, folks all over are aware of the popularity of hybrid mixed-breed dogs. So much so, that they’ve chosen to include the Labradoodle — one of the most popular hybrid dogs — in the list of the top 10 hybrid dogs.

How To Name Your Dog In 10 Easy Steps

“Pictures say a thousand words but names are forever” –Frantz D.

{10} Names reflect the characteristics or the sex of the dog.

{9} Consider a catchy name, so you neighbors and friends may also remember your dog’s name.

{8} Your dog’s name will speak about your personality and believes. Keep it clean and classy.

Top 10 Best Pet Dogs

So, you think you are ready to for one of these pet dogs? Let’s find out. Here at number ten we have …

{10} Boxer
Boxers are extremely loyal and love being with their family. They are good with other pets but not very tolerant of animals outside your brood.

{9} Pug
A very small breed of dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. They have Chinese origins, but were popularized in Western Europe by the House of Orange of the Netherlands and the House of Stuart of England, Ireland and Scotland.

{8 Newfoundland

Top 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

When it comes to your dog there should be a list of fun things to do with him or her. Don't let your dog see you only as a source of obedience training, but also a fun loving master. Please make sure your dog is in good health before trying these top 10 fun things.

{10} Make Art
Take some time off your busy life and spend it with your dog. Believe it or not they will appreciate it. Prepare a location around the house and purchase some paint. Prepare the floor and the walls and go crazy. Make sure its washable paint of course. Paint each other and have fun doing it.

{9} Start a Dog Club
This one would requite a large portion of your time but it can be done. It can take place at the park or at your place. Bring a few dogs together and let them