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Most People Don't Know How To Greet A Dog (You Probably Do These Things, Too)

It turns out we've been approaching new dogs the wrong way for...well, forever.
If you've ever greeted a pup only to be met with a growl or even a bite, I hate to break it to you...it's not them, it's you. You see, most people have no clue how to meet a new dog -- even as a dog owner myself, I didn't know a few of these don'ts.

So in an effort to educate us all, dog illustrator and lover Lili Chin put together a handy little cheat sheet. If there's one thing you should walk away knowing it's to never, ever, run up to a dog squealing and start kissing them on their snout. Even a dog has a personal bubble, people!

Here's the wrong -- and right -- way to meet a new dog.

How Many Of These ‘Ninja Turtles’ Episodes Did Your Dog Watch As A Puppy?

Growing up, we all watched these pizza-loving crime-fighters every Saturday morning. How many of these classic episodes have your dog seen?

  • The one where Raphael lays a volleyball-sized egg and gives it to April O’Neil as a Christmas present
  • The one where Shredder tries to open a sliding door on a van the whole episode but can’t because of his claws
  • The one where they can’t get Splinter to stop hissing at a laser printer
  • The one where Michelangelo accidentally hits a police horse in the eye with his nunchucks
  • The one where the turtles make themselves a mother out of deflated basketballs and moldy curtains and take turns nuzzling it
  • The one where the turtles beat a man to death for shoplifting and find out later that it was Vladimir Nabokov
  • The one where the turtles open a closet and the crumpled corpse of Caravaggio, the fifth turtle, tumbles out of it
  • The one where the Ninja Turtles can’t stop eating regular turtles
  • The one where Michelangelo throws a manhole cover like a Frisbee and accidentally decapitates a police horse
  • The one where Donatello screams “I’m a fraud!” so loudly that the roof of the sewer collapses on the turtles and kills them
  • The one where Leonardo volunteers his live body for dissection at a middle school
  • The one where men from the IRS turn up and ask to speak to Master Splinter, who goes outside to talk to them, and for 20 minutes you can’t really hear what they’re saying but it sounds like Splinter might be in big trouble
  • The one where Donatello invents a time machine and uses it to go back and watch Abraham Lincoln’s assassination up close every single day for a month
  • The one where Raphael gets married and wails with grief when his wife gives birth to a pile of blue masks
  • The one where Michelangelo flags down a cab and the cab accidentally plows into a police horse
  • The one where Krang gets a catheter infection and starts rotting

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You Will Never Guess Wich One Of These 8 Adorable Service Puppies Will Save Your Live One Day... Come On Guess!!

Service dogs that help the blind, disabled, and police have a special place in my heart. They dedicate their entire lives to helping people in need, something we as humans should always strive to do as well. So how can I take the respect I have for these dogs and combine it with an extreme case of Awwwwww? Like this:

1. Hmmm…Mail Carrier Puppy?

2. Don’t Mess With this Police Puppy in Training.

 3. Seeing Eye Puppy.

4. Future Service Dog.

5. Another Service Puppy in Training.

6. Guide Puppy!

7. You Have the Right to Remain Ridiculously Adorable.

8. Cuteness in Training.

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This Dog Loses his Eye, But Still Wins Everyone's Heart.

A user on Reddit named LockNLoll posted about his dog, Vader, a Husky that lost an eye. Despite this, he is still extremely handsome. Love him. :)

Eye patches don’t work well on dogs.

Meet Vader, a beautiful Siberian husky.

Around 5 years old, his left eye started to look different.

Around 5 years old, his left eye started to look different.

It turned out to be glaucoma, and they had to remove the eye. He looked bad for a couple of weeks…

…but then it started healing and the fur started growing.

Now he’s winking at the world all the time ;)

Vader is the same awesome dog as he was before, just with one less eye.

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This Looks Like A Regular Dog. And It Is... But It’s So Much More Than That. Trust Me.

The stray dogs of Sochi, easily one of the biggest stories to come out of the 2014 Winter Games, have won the hearts of Olympians and fans alike. 

A worker leads a dog off a jump after it had wandered on the course during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor

Top 10 Hybrid Dogs

The classic Scottish Terrier dog has been replaced by a Labradoodle.

Yep, folks all over are aware of the popularity of hybrid mixed-breed dogs. So much so, that they’ve chosen to include the Labradoodle — one of the most popular hybrid dogs — in the list of the top 10 hybrid dogs.

How To Name Your Dog In 10 Easy Steps

“Pictures say a thousand words but names are forever” –Frantz D.

{10} Names reflect the characteristics or the sex of the dog.

{9} Consider a catchy name, so you neighbors and friends may also remember your dog’s name.

{8} Your dog’s name will speak about your personality and believes. Keep it clean and classy.